Holy Ghost Writer

       The Holy Ghostwriters of Fairbanks Christian Center are a team of individuals dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The team engages in a process of transcribing sermons, editing the manuscripts, and designing cover art before moving forward with final production of the books. The Holy Ghostwriters Ministry is an auxiliary whose mission is to help fulfil the vision that God has given our Pastors, Apostle Roosevelt Gray, Jr. & Prophetess Henrine Gray, to spread the Word of God to all nations and to help enlarge the Kingdom of God.

Some of the books that have been completed by the Holy Ghostwriters Ministry are Sonship and The Sonship Teaching Manual by Apostle Roosevelt Gray, Jr. and The True Meaning of Christmas, Highway to the Anointing and God Makes Man Before the Ministry by Prophetess Henrine Gray. The team is looking forward to creating more books in the near future, so check back frequently so you can obtain your copy of the latest production.


       Since the established vision and decree given to the Founders, by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the beginning and conceptual making of the newspaper was an integral part of this greatly anointed ministry for over fifteen years. This newspaper serves and empowers church leaders and members to be faithful to the Apostolic and Prophetic teachings by providing practical, relevant tools for growth. It has evolved from an eight to twenty page newspaper distributed throughout various parts of the world. The Newspaper Ministry continues to grow and prosper in the WORD of the LORD, extending into the highways and byways by sharing the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

       Under the direction and leadership of our Founders, this anointed ministry is ensuring that the publication CFGM “Eagle Sons Building the Kingdom of God” is going beyond the four walls of the church building into the hearts of men/women worldwide.

       The Newspaper is filled with past, present and future events. It’s the history of this great ministry-a ministry that’s on the move, setting the standards according to God’s WORD, principle and precepts.

Tape Ministry (DVD/CD)

       Fairbanks Christian Center’s Tape Ministry is responsible for recording and maintaining the audio/visual library of Commanding Faith Gospel Ministries, Inc. and Fairbanks Christian Center. Housing more than 5,000 sermon archives with over 20,000 hours of footage, the Tape Ministry serves as the historical hub of the ministry. Keeping such an extensive inventory is no small feat and Tape Ministry personnel must remain vigilant, diligent and focused at all times. Equipped with the latest audio and video recording technology, the Tape Ministry of Fairbanks Christian Center records every aspect of each service, play, skit or other special ceremony from beginning to end. All of the recordings are made available to the public on CD and DVD for a small donation.

       The Tape Ministry also ensures that services are aired in the nursery, enabling nursery attendants to view the service. From the children’s choir, mass choir and praise & worship rehearsals to play and skit practices, the Tape Ministry also serves to support the ministry in more than just Sunday and mid-week services. Any time that an auxiliary needs support, the Tape Ministry is there to serve.




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